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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vogue 8507 - Tablecloth Dress!

I chose this pattern as my mother-of-the-groom dress for my son's wedding on July 7. I planned to make the sleeve version in a black silk with tiffany blue embroidery around the neckline. But alas, the wedding was cancelled this week! Thankfully, I didn't buy the fabric yet. I do, however, still plan to make the sleeve version in a non-tablecloth looking fabric. The sleeve detail is very intriguing and I will make it in a basic neutral color since it will be a great go-to dress for spring, summer, and fall.

Here's my muslin. I call this my tablecloth dress because of the fabric. It is a stretch sateen that I purchased for a ridiculously low price at JoAnn's. The intent of this one was strictly to sew a muslin, but I really like the fit and the style, so I wore my new "tablecloth" to church and received a lot of unsolicited, positive comments. Therefore, the pattern is a keeper.

I lined it with a bright yellow bridal satin. I chose yellow because I love the color but I can't wear it next to my face so the next best choice was next to my body.

It went together quickly as there are not a lot of design details. Princess seams make up the front and back and there is a small kick vent in the back. I inserted the invisible zipper with my most favorite Bernina invisible zipper foot and you wouldn't even know it's there except for the zipper pull tab.

I will alter the neckline by bringing it in one inch in the front and back as the width is just a bit wide for my narrow shoulders. I will also shorten the length by two inches so that it falls just above my knees.

In the mean time, I'm minus a daughter-in-law, but plus a new sundress. We must accept that which is out of our control and embrace that which we receive unexpectedly.