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As a Martha Pullen licensed sewing teacher I love to learn new sewing techniques and I equally enjoy teaching sewing techniques to others.  You can also find me teaching Bernina Customer Courses at my local Bernina dealer.  In addition, I demonstrate Stampin' Up products.  I am a servant of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, wife of one, mom of two, and grandma of five.  Welcome to my sewing and crafting studio!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Endeavor

Here's a sampling of but a few of the coupons I've cut in the past few days.  Extreme Couponing on TLC fascinates me and I must delve into the world of coupon obsession.  Okay, mine won't be an obsession, but it is really cool to get items for free or for a drastically reduced cost.  I don't aspire to even come anywhere near the savings of the coupon collecting elite on TLC's Wednesday night show, but I did use 20 coupons when I purchased my groceries this morning.

All these coupons (and the fact that they fell out of the paper clip that secured them while I was shopping, and I had to re-collect them all from the Commissary floor) tells me I must come up with some kind of tote for them.  Which leads me to sewing - but of course, doesn't everything lead to sewing?!  Enter the May/June 2011 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine.

Ta-Da!  My next sewing project.  I already have the fabric selected from my stash and I'm ready to go.  I must take care of some personal family business for the next few days, but hopefully I will have my new coupon clutch ready for next week's grocery shopping trip.

Do you clip coupons?  If so, in what do you carry your coupons?