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Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Room Bed Runner

Ahhh, sweet success.  I love rounding out the week with a completed project.  Here's the bed runner that I previewed here.

I try to keep the guest room pretty neutral and not 'girly' it up too much because you never know what gender guest will be staying in there.  But it was crying out for a pop of color.  This bed runner is very long (90+").  It would fit a king size bed perfectly.  Since I do not own any king size beds (they are all queen size), I will simply fold under the ends on each side to achieve the length I need.  The bed runner is puddled on the floor on the other side of the bed in this photo!!!  Actually, if I were to use a bedspread rather than a quilt and dust ruffle on the bed, the bed runner would fall to just above the floor on each side just like the length of the bedspread.  Hmmm, perhaps a bedspread purchase is in my future.

Here's a picture of it taken fromt the other end of the bed:

Here's the back of the quilt:

And, finally, a look at the quilt label which I embroidered using my embroidery machine:

The quilting was done on my quilt frame and I simply used a flower stencil and water soluble marker to mark it before quilting.