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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jeans Progress

Good mid-week greetings.  This is the first time I have attempted to make a pair of jeans, so I just wanted to post a quick update on the progress (or lack thereof) that I am making in Jennifer Stern's Blue Print to Blue Jeans class over at Pattern Review.  My muslin is made and hopefully fitted properly.  That is, the muslin fits properly, but contrary to Jennifer's recommendation to not use a non-stretch muslin when sewing with stretch denim, I did it anyway.  Not to be defiant, mind you, but simply because that's what I had on hand and I didn't want to go to the store for supplies. 

I also have all my denim pattern pieces cut and ready to sew.  Here's a picture of the embroidery that I added to the back pockets:

I used my embroidery machine to embellish them with a simple design.  I backed the denim with No Show Mesh Fusible interfacing so as to make my stretch denim non-stretch denim so the design would not end up distorted.  I also backed it with a light weight tear away stabilizer.  I ended up embroidering the design twice, with the second stitch-out exactly on top of the first stitch-out for more impact since the embroidery thread was a bit wimpy looking against the beefy denim fabric.  I tried to use gold topstitching thread to embroider the design, but my machine didn't play well with that combination.

I will post more progress updates as they occur.  Have a great middle of the week.