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As a Martha Pullen licensed sewing teacher I love to learn new sewing techniques and I equally enjoy teaching sewing techniques to others.  You can also find me teaching Bernina Customer Courses at my local Bernina dealer.  In addition, I demonstrate Stampin' Up products.  I am a servant of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, wife of one, mom of two, and grandma of five.  Welcome to my sewing and crafting studio!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crochet Chevron Blanket

I haven't posted anything about this project, but I have been crocheting this dang blanket for almost three months!  I only crochet when I sit down to watch a show on television (I have a very difficult time just sitting and watching something - that's probably why I don't go to the movies very often).  This blanket consists entirely of single crochet, which if you crochet, you know that is a very small stitch so it takes a lot of them to accomplish much.  Whew!  I love the blanket, it is a throwback to the 1970's when they were very popular and many, many colors were used in the blanket.  It must have been a way to use up yarn scraps.  I remember my mother made one for our sofa.  Anyway, I like the updated minimal coloring used in this one and chevrons are extremely popular right now in home dec as well as scrapbooking and crafts.  Here's a close-up of all those little single crochets:

This was a free pattern from All Things Bright and Beautiful  I used Red Heart worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn and a size "I" crochet hook.  There are 8 sections of white, 6 sections of green, and one section of blue - each section consists of 10 rows of single crochet.  The blanket is 45" x 65".