Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Burp Cloths

 First, let me start with a warning!  These are not the best photos. 
My camera is broken and I had to use my cell phone for these photos.  :)
I was invited to a baby shower but, *sigh*, I could not give the cute kimono and booties
because the mother to be is expecting a boy.
So I quickly sewed up a couple burp cloths and included a gift card for a nice little, last-minute gift.

I used kraft packaging paper for the gift 'envelope' by cutting it double the length,
then I folded it and sewed a straight stitch up the sides.
I then secured the two burp cloths together using a die cut strip of paper.
Then I clipped the gift card to it and tucked all of them inside the gift envelope.
The sweet deer tag was a free download from here. I'm not sure it is still available.
 I've never made burp cloths before
They are so straight forward and easy.
I sewed these in less than 30 minutes.
Having never made them before, and wanting to be sure my gift
did not fall apart in the first washing, I made an extra one to test.
Here it is after washing it in warm water
and drying it on the normal dry cycle.
I used white chenille on one side and a flannel print on the other side.
I must say, after the warm bath and dry cycle, this burp cloth
ended up soft as a baby's behind.          :)
Here's a picture of the chenille side:
Now if you are in the market for such items as these,
there are a number of tutorials online.
Just search chenille burp cloths.
They are all pretty much the same.

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