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Thursday, July 4, 2013

ScrapBusters: Patchwork Trivets with Circular Quilting

I love trivets!  But my intended use for this one is not for hot pots, but rather to add a decorative touch to this vintage chair that sits in the corner of my entryway.  The pattern is from the Sew4Home blog.   I used fabrics and supplies I already had on hand.  The fabric is leftover from this bed runner.  The over sized green ric rac was purchased a couple of years ago from one of my local quilt stores.  As you can see in the photo below, the trivet is a bit sparse on this chair seat, so I decided to alter the pattern a bit and make it slightly larger.

Here's that same chair, but with the larger size trivet.   Ahhh, that's better.  The new size plays better with the size of the seat.  I know I'm not comfortable when something is too small for my seat!

I added a crochet flower to the center of this one because in altering the pattern, I messed up the center where all the points are supposed to come together nicely (as they do on the original version when following the pattern as written). 

I knew that by adding two inches only to the length of that triangular piece and not changing any of the other dimensions, I was asking for trouble.  But I plowed ahead recklessly throwing any and all mathematical knowledge (which is very limited) out the sewing room door!  This, dear readers, is what I ended up with in the center of my project:  Aackkkkkkk!!!

Now you see why the flower was added.  :)   The back of the trivet looks like this:


And now the chair in the corner of my entryway looks like this:
I can rest easy knowing my seat has adequate coverage.  LOL
Have a beautiful Thursday, and to those of you who are state side - Happy Independence Day!