Friday, August 1, 2014

Sharing our Craft

Please meet Evelyn.
Evelyn is 9 years old.
Evelyn is my granddaughter.
Evelyn just sewed her first complete project.
Evelyn is very proud!
She has never used a pattern - until now.
She learned all about pattern selection, fabric, and cutting. 

She is quite meticulous with her cutting.

Finally, the last pattern piece.
Time to get sewing!

Using the sewing machine is Evelyn's favorite part of the process.
The finished product is her favorite result of the process.

 Evelyn asked to sew more from patterns,
including something for herself.

As you can see, friends, the purpose of this post is not to review the
Simplicity 4707 Vintage Baby Doll Clothes pattern.
But the purpose of this post is to encourage you to share your craft with somebody.
You too will be rewarded with a smile like that!
Have a most rewarding weekend    :)


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