Monday, February 22, 2016

A Little Tote for a Little Iron

Here's a quick and stylish way of transporting your travel iron
the Travel Iron Tote & Ironing Pad Pattern for Mini Irons by Sisters' Common Thread
is what we used in the class I taught last weekend
if you missed this one,
don't fret,
our next class date is:  Thursday, March 31 from 5-9 p.m. at Nuttall's in Layton

The inside of the tote is heat resistant fabric (included with the pattern)
how great is that for setting up your own personal ironing station
when you take sewing classes or when you travel?
It's also ingenious in that it allows you to pack up your hot iron
and transport it when you're finished with class
without having to wait for your iron to cool

There is lots of measuring and marking with this pattern,
but I've come up with a handy template for us to use during class
that makes the process so much more efficient

Once the rectangular layers are stitched together,
a line is drawn and stitched and trimmed across each corner
resulting in the eight-sided origami-style tote

Binder clips work perfectly to keep the elastic closure loops in place
while stitching the binding around the edge

The handles are attached after all the other sewing is complete
I carry the SteamFast Home & Away Steam Iron in my tote
Nuttall's sells these irons and
if you wait to purchase yours the night of the class (March 31),
you will receive a discount on your purchase

If you live in the local area,
I hope to see you in class at the end of March.

Peggy and Phyllis from the February class,
share their beautiful new iron totes

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends.
Happy Sewing!

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