Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Pillow

Thanks for stopping by, friends
lately I've been smitten by the sweet KimberBell designs

this pillow is featured in Oh, the Possibilities...For Winter! (and Valentine's Day, too!)
if you're looking for quick projects that also have a bit of detail,
give this one a go
it can be completed in a couple short hours
and if you like applique, this one is for you

I used Floriani applique wonder to back my letters and hearts
that makes them stay in place nicely while I get them stitched down
the applique wonder is a bit heavy, however
so if you plan to applique a project that needs to have a softer 'hand'
choose a wash-away spray adhesive or a light wonder under product
to stabilize the main fabric behind the the applique,
I ironed on some no-show mesh
it is much more fluid than a traditional stabilizer so my pillow stays soft

you could always choose to hand stitch the applique
but I used a few of the stitches on my sewing machine

no zipper or opening in the back
this one is just stitched to the front, rst, with an opening left for turning
I stuffed it with poly fiberfill and hand stitched the opening closed

I've enjoyed our visit
please stop by again soon

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