Sunday, July 30, 2017

Going Batty

This girl.  Love her so much.
We have an extra close granddaughter/grandma bond.
That said, our taste in "stuffies" is night and day.
Her plush animal collection includes dragons, chickens, and viruses.
Yes, viruses!!!
Mine would include bears, puppies, and butterflies.

So when she found a pattern on Etsy and asked me to help her sew it
- of course I said yes -
and of course I wasn't surprised that it was a pattern for a stuffed bat.

Okay, I admit, it's pretty cute.

She picked out the fabrics.

The head is stuffed with polyester stuffing.
The body is stuffed with polyester stuffing and Polypellets.
The eyes are plastic safety eyes.
The bat's name is Nebula.
My granddaughter LOVES her little bat.

Treasure the sewing journey with your little ones, my friends.

Happy Sewing!

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