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Monday, July 28, 2014

Stitch Selection Savvy: How to Add Elastic Shirring to a Flat Waistband

Greetings sewers!
As promised, here is the explanation of how I added the elastic shirred back waist band

This photo shows the waist band from the inside of the garment.
Notice the front waist band (top of photo) is flat
and the back waist band (bottom of photo) is elasticized.
The pattern is drafted for a flat waist band all the way around,
and it instructs to cut two front and two back pieces.
That way you have a front and back waistband piece and a front and back facing piece.
To allow for the elasticized gathering,  I cut the back waist band and facing pieces
one size larger than the rest of my blouse.
On the back facing piece, I drew three horizontal lines (with iron-off marker)
to help me properly position the elastic.

I assembled the blouse waistband as instructed,
except that I did not completely close up the side seams.
By leaving the side seams open, I was able to bury the ends of the elastic in the seam
so I don't have raw elastic edges showing on the facing side of my back waistband.
When I finished attaching the elastic with a narrow zig zag stitch,
I hand stitched the side seams closed.
There ya' go.
An elasticized back waistband using a flat waistband pattern.
If you have a tried and true method for accomplishing similar results,
I would love for you to share your method.
Please leave your instructions in the comment section.
Thanks so much, and have a most lovely sewing week.