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As a Martha Pullen licensed sewing teacher I love to learn new sewing techniques and I equally enjoy teaching sewing techniques to others.  You can also find me teaching Bernina Customer Courses at my local Bernina dealer.  In addition, I demonstrate Stampin' Up products.  I am a servant of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, wife of one, mom of two, and grandma of five.  Welcome to my sewing and crafting studio!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bonbon Purse

Hello, hello, sewists!
Thanks so much for stopping by today.
The pattern and instructions for these sweet little purses
is in the Spring issue of 
Classic Sewing Magazine

This green version was my first attempt and,
as you can see,
the monogram is oversized for the purse flap

The flap is is an in-the-hoop design and the fabric measures 5" x 5"
I've completed enough in-the-hoop embroidery projects to know that the finished
design will be less than the 5" x 5" size,
but I threw caution to the wind, and just added a 2" monogram - don't do that!

By the time the design finishes stitching around the edges and the flap
is sewn onto the purse and curves slightly over the top of the bag,
a good portion of the embroidable space is consumed in the construction process

I changed the size of the monogram to 3/4" on my second version:
much better!

Soft and stable foam is used to give the purse body and structure,
so these binding clips are more effective than pins at
holding those layers together

One change I made to the original instructions was to add 'D' rings
on which to attach the handle
The 'D' rings allow the handle to hang nicer
and they give a more polished look to the purse than just
sewing the ends of the handle into the side seams as instructed in the pattern

Assembly time on these little sweeties is about 2 hours each
and they are very, very small
A perfect size for your little toddler to store her
miniature toy figurines or other valuables

Have a terrific stitching week, my friends.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Playmat

If you're looking for a quick, quilted, coverlet for your little one,
"Help is on the Way"

 that's the name of this fabric line by
Jennifer Pugh for Wilmington Prints
the play mat pattern is free
and the center piece (with all the roads) is a panel
which makes this one a winner for quick piecing
there are lots of added details for this imaginary little town
it took less than a day for cutting, piecing, and quilting

Vroom! embroidery file for purchase here

the next day, I set to work 'producing' little vehicles
via my embroidery machine

the pattern calls this a play mat
but it would serve as a great picnic blanket this summer
and when you're not using it at the park or the beach or on your little's bed

just fold it up nicely and keep it within easy reach for all the summer fun!

my play mat is on display at Nuttall's here in Layton
and if you are in the local area, be sure to sign up for the 

go ahead all you talented, sewists,
make one of these and go play with the littles in your life

"It is a happy talent to know how to play."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Thanks for stopping by, my sewing friends

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ring Bearer Pillow

"Here Comes the Bride, Here Comes the Bride"
We are in the throes of wedding season, my sewing friends
The instructions for this beauty are in the Summer 2016 issue of Classic Sewing Magazine
For subscribers, designer Sonia Showalter,
also includes the machine embroidery lattice file as a free download
No, there is not a bride in my life,
I'm putting together a few decorations for an upcoming
marriage conference hosted at our church
I used two layers of wash away stabilizer and some gold thread that I had on hand
Once the embroidery is stitched out and the stabilizer washed away,
the four lattice panels are ready to be joined together with some ribbon
The outside edges of the lattice overlay are then stitched down to the pillow

and the machine embroidered flowers are stitched on by hand
(yes, the flower design file is also a free download for subscribers)
This is such a quick project with lovely results
I highly recommend it for anybody who is looking for a ring bearer pillow
Can't you just see that lattice in beautiful colors to match any bride's wedding?
I also made some cute little treat bags using my paper crafting supplies
I filled these with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses
They will make the conference that much sweeter!!!

Have a lovely week, sewing friends, and treat that bride in your life to a beautiful,
handmade ring bearer pillow
(or . . . contact me and I will make it for you - you can tell her you made it, it will be our secret)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Kindness Matters

I must confess, my new fabric shop love is Shabby Fabrics
I'm a big fan of applique
but I'm not a big fan of cutting

Shabby Fabrics offers pre-fused and laser-cut kits:
you just peel the paper backing off those perfectly cut applique shapes,
place them on your background fabric,
give 'em a press with a medium iron
and your on your way to the sewing machine (or hand needle)
before you know it, your project is ready to quilt and bind
I chose to tackle this one completely with the sewing machine
the only hand stitching was to secure the binding on the back,
which is how I always stitch my binding
the pattern included the 'kindness matters' lettering to trace and stitch by hand
since this was my no-hand-stitching project,
I used embroidery software for the lettering and added the Bible scripture reference
then took it to my embroidery machine and stitched it out
thank you, Shabby Fabrics, for the great selection of beautiful fabrics, kits, and notions
and, I might add, for the speeeeedy shipping
my package is usually on my doorstep 2-3 days after I place my order

let me just add, hand stitching has a unique charm all it's own
I'm a big fan of hand-sewn projects
I'll be sharing some hand sewing in the future

what about you?
hand stitching vs. machine stitching

have an enjoyable last week of April, my friends


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Serger Ruffled Pillow

Hi sewing friends!
Here's some serger sewing inspiration for you.
Tula Pink fabric and Anna Maria Horner ribbon
give a contemporary twist to a traditional style pillow.
All the sewing on this pillow was done with my serger
The project video is on Baby Lock's Love of Sewing member site.
The fabric strips are ruffled using the serger ruffling foot,
then they are sewn down to the base fabric.
The edges of the ruffles are finished with a narrow rolled hem.
A zipper makes for easy washing and switching out of pillow covers.
The cording foot was perfect for a serger sewn zipper,
and binding clips are the perfect substitute to use in place of pins.
Sergers and pins don't play nice together!
The back side is the perfect canvas to showcase that awesome #tulapink fabric
The only change I made to the pattern was the addition of Spanish hemstitching
to attach the ribbon between the fabric panels.
To do that, I used my Bernina Spanish Hemstitch accessory.
All in all, this was a quick project and it yielded really professional results.
Gotta love those sergers.