Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crochet Flower

Here's a close up of the crochet flower that I used on this trivet.  The pattern is from a leaflet I purchased about 4 years ago at my local quilt store.  The leaflet is titled Crochet Candy - Embellishments & More

I used pattern #2, Moss Rose.  The actual size of your crochet flower is determined by the size of your yarn and hook.  I used Martha Stewart extra soft wool blend yarn in color #500, bakery box white.  My hook was a size H/8.  The trivet was almost 14" in diameter so I needed a good sized crochet flower to balance out the size of the trivet.  The circumference of my flower is 4 1/2".

And it is almost 1" thick.  I must really like this pattern because out of the 7 patterns in the leaflet, this is the only one I've made so far.  I used it here, here, and here.  Perhaps the next time I feel the need to embellish with a crochet flower, I will choose one of the other patterns.  I have a tendency to be a creature of habit, so time will tell.  :)

I am on track with the Colette Patterns Hawthorne Sew Along, so that will continue to be the focus of my sewing attention this week.  Have a productive sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, whatever-it-is-you-enjoy week, my friends. 


Friday, July 5, 2013

Burda Style City Dress

This pattern (Burda Style 04/2013 #108) was my attempt to try something different.  Am I pleased with the outcome?  Hmmmmmm, kind of.  The dress does look like the pattern photos, but unfortunately, I don't look like the pattern model!

I am wearing a belt with the dress, but it still hangs like a sack.  I prefer my dresses to have more emphasis at the waist and to be more fitted through the torso.  I knew going in that this pattern didn't have either of those preferences, but I just had to try something out of my comfort zone.  And now, my zone of comfort is to not wear this dress out and about.  But all is not a total loss.  I will wear it with flip flops when I'm hanging out at home.

Now on to something more my style.  Perhaps a cute button-up blouse, or a fitted-bodice, circle-skirted dress of some sort.

What about you, do you stick to the same styles when you sew for yourself?  Or do you venture into unknown territory?

Have an excellent weekend.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

ScrapBusters: Patchwork Trivets with Circular Quilting

I love trivets!  But my intended use for this one is not for hot pots, but rather to add a decorative touch to this vintage chair that sits in the corner of my entryway.  The pattern is from the Sew4Home blog.   I used fabrics and supplies I already had on hand.  The fabric is leftover from this bed runner.  The over sized green ric rac was purchased a couple of years ago from one of my local quilt stores.  As you can see in the photo below, the trivet is a bit sparse on this chair seat, so I decided to alter the pattern a bit and make it slightly larger.

Here's that same chair, but with the larger size trivet.   Ahhh, that's better.  The new size plays better with the size of the seat.  I know I'm not comfortable when something is too small for my seat!

I added a crochet flower to the center of this one because in altering the pattern, I messed up the center where all the points are supposed to come together nicely (as they do on the original version when following the pattern as written). 

I knew that by adding two inches only to the length of that triangular piece and not changing any of the other dimensions, I was asking for trouble.  But I plowed ahead recklessly throwing any and all mathematical knowledge (which is very limited) out the sewing room door!  This, dear readers, is what I ended up with in the center of my project:  Aackkkkkkk!!!

Now you see why the flower was added.  :)   The back of the trivet looks like this:


And now the chair in the corner of my entryway looks like this:
I can rest easy knowing my seat has adequate coverage.  LOL
Have a beautiful Thursday, and to those of you who are state side - Happy Independence Day!